Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kirsten and Allie Response


I found this article to be very interesting and a great addition to the discussions we've been having in this class. I actually found myself intrigued to research emotional literacy programs further after this reading. One of the most interesting ideas to me was how emotional literacy affects our communication and relationships with others. My father is one of the most emotionally illiterate people in my life...I've never once heard him utter a statement pertaining to his emotional interior. When he gets angry, he lashes out and says things I know he doesn't mean and eventually regrets.

The idea of teaching emotional literacy at a young age is a preventative health care measure as opposed to waiting for the problem to happen. I wonder how I may have dealt with situations differently when it came to bullying and/or being bullied if I had this type of training in my classroom.


I am a huge supporter of destroying the gender binary. I found the chapter on gender and sex to be very interesting, particularly regarding how intertwined sex and gender truly are, even though we tend to categorize sex biologically and gender socially. What really speaks to the heart of the issue with the gender binary (aside from the fact that it's not even biologically correct) is the idea of femininity and masculinity and how they inform the way that we take care of ourselves by fulfilling (or not fulfilling) what we feel is expected of us based on our sex and gender. I found it so interesting how masculinity is not tied to certain persons or bodies like femininity is, but rather as a range of practices and characteristics that anyone can take up.

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